Can I courier just one parcel?

Can I courier just one parcel?


Perhaps you’ve avoided using a courier in the past because you didn’t want to open an account. Or maybe you believed you needed to post a large number of parcels for a courier to be interested in you.

Well that’s no longer the case.

Parcel middlemen services have made it very easy for anyone to access courier services. What’s more with a parcel middleman you can post a single parcel… and even better there’s no commitment to post on a regular basis.

This is good news for people who don’t want to use Royal Mail standard service because they require tracking.

You can identify the various parcel middlemen by searching cheap parcel delivery.

They offer a handy service. You can access collections regularly or on an ad hoc basis. In short the service is flexible and designed to work with what you require. What’s more book with a parcel middleman like and you won’t even need to open an account.

These middlemen will arrange a courier collection on your behalf with the big names like City Link, Parcelforce, Yodel and DHL. The “big name driver” will collect your parcel from the specified address, transport it, sort it and deliver it to your recipient.

Actually courier collections and deliveries are suitable for most people. What’s more as this marketplace become increasingly competitive you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price you’ll be quoted.

Meaning next time you want to post a parcel – use a courier.

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