Why courier deliveries are great!

Why courier deliveries are great!


With the price of 1st and 2nd class stamps set to rise by a considerable chunk, you may look again at using a courier for your business deliveries. If you do, here are some key advantages that this service offers:

Flexible products: There are a number of courier products to choose from. Simply pick the one that best meets your delivery requirements whether that’s a Next Day, 48-hour service, Sameday, Timed or an international delivery.

Lots of choice: As a courier customer you’ve got a lot of couriers to choose from. Perhaps you’ll pick a household name like City Link, Parcelforce Worldwide or Yodel. Alternatively you may pick a more localized service.

Tracking: A lot of courier companies these days will post your parcel with an electronic barcode, which you can track remotely. This is a really valuable part of the service and it means that you can check in via the Internet to view the progress of your parcel. The tracks vary depending on your choice of courier and can include a collection and a delivery track as well as points within the network.

Value for money: The courier market is very competitive and as a customer this gives you a bit of power. You’ve got lots of choice meaning you can shop around for the best deal. What’s more, with the addition of re-sellers and courier booking agents, it’s easier than ever to get cheap parcel delivery.

How will your business benefit from a courier service?


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