Courier Collection Dos And Don’ts – Part 1

Courier Collection Dos And Don’ts – Part 1


Are you planning to send a parcel by courier?

Before you do, be sure you are aware of these key dos and don’ts. It could make your experience of sending a parcel a lot easier.

Part 1 covers the dos and next week in part 2 we’ll explore the don’ts.


  1. Label your parcel accurately and always use the postcode. This practice will minimise the risk of your parcel arriving late, being incorrectly delivered or getting lost within the network.
  2. Package your parcel securely.  Whilst your chosen courier provider will treat your parcel with care, your item is going to be moved around a lot both on distribution vehicles and within the sorting process. Use bubble wrap, packing tape and a strong box that’s securely taped up to minimise the risk of your parcel splitting open.
  3. Choose the right delivery specification. If you want your parcel to arrive at its destination in a particular timescale it’s really important you select the most suitable product. Pick between Next Day, Sameday, 48-hour or Timed delivery options. Whilst what you pick may depend on your budget, you may also want to take into account convenience of the delivery for your recipient.
  4. Do remember collection cut off times. When booking a courier collection you need to be mindful of collection cut off times. These tend to vary depending on the day of the week, the courier provider and even by delivery specification. If you know you have a parcel to despatch, it’s worth booking in advance to ensure your parcel gets where it needs to be in the time available.
  5. Check out parcel re-sellers: You don’t have to book direct. Parcel re-sellers can help you find the best price for the delivery specification of your choice and you still get to use a big brand courier company.


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