Are you sending a parcel to Western Europe this Christmas?

Are you sending a parcel to Western Europe this Christmas?


As time draws on Santa is getting closer! What’s more last posting dates will continue to crop up and 22nd November was Royal Mail’s last posting date for international surface mail to Western Europe.

You can see a full list of Royal Mail’s last posting dates for Christmas 2011 here:

Don’t worry of you missed this date as there are still other options available to you to ensure your presents and cards arrive to friends and relatives in the region.

For example you could use a courier service.

In fact did you know you could access DHL’s Euro Plus right up until Tuesday 13th December? That gives you just under three more weeks to get sorted (which is good news if you haven’t even thought about Christmas shopping yet!)

What’s more using a courier service to deliver your Christmas parcels has further advantages. Electronic tracking of your parcel offers peace of mind by allowing you to keep tabs on its movement and identify when your item has been delivered.

Even better couriered parcels are probably not as expensive as you thought. The marketplace is now so competitive and the growth of parcel middlemen has meant prices are very reasonable. You can even use a courier if you only have one parcel to post.

As a reminder don’t leave it too late to get your Christmas parcels despatched, and to be sure it might be worth noting on your calendar that Tuesday 13th December is the final posting date if you want to courier anything overseas.

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