Five reasons to get a delivery with online tracking

Five reasons to get a delivery with online tracking

You have a pile of parcels that need sending to customers. They need a Next Day delivery and you normally use Royal Mail standard service.

However you won’t get a online delivery tracking…

Here are five benefits that makes the proof of delivery that’s standard with express couriers worth opting for.

1. Peace of mind: If you use a courier service you can check on-line to see your parcel has been delivered. Imagine the peace of mind this offers… No waiting for a phone call to say the item hasn’t appeared, or wasting time phoning around to check items have arrived.

2. Measure your delivery performance: You can easily check whether you are delivery items to your customer’s expectations. If they paid for a Next Day delivery, you can use the delivery scan to check their item met this specification.

3. Professionalism: Items delivered by a courier make a good impression on the customer.

4. Confidence when handling complaints: Do customers ever ring up to say an item has not been delivered? With a delivery scan you can access information that enables you to physically check this putting you back in control.

5. Know who received the item: If a customer contacts you saying their item was not delivered, you can use the delivery scan to identify the date, time and the name of the person who received the parcel.

Next time you post some items consider the value of a delivery scan. And if you’re thinking of trying a courier service for the first time, get the best rates by searching on-line for

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