International parcel services – tips for sending your parcel safely

International parcel services – tips for sending your parcel safely


International parcel services have risen in popularity due to the growth in business operations worldwide. Most companies have to regularly send parcels to distant locations.

We all receive parcels from our friends, relatives and business colleagues. Sending parcels can be a difficult task. There are many international parcel services to choose from which might leave us confused. Before sending your parcel to any international destination, you can follow the below tips to ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time.

Right packing

You need to pack your parcel in the right way before handing it to the courier people. You can use sturdy cardboard boxes for heavier, bulky items, while small and light items like CDs and DVDs can be packed in padded envelopes or jiffy bags. You need to ensure that your parcel has been well padded and insulated to protect it from any damage caused due to improper handling during transit. Fragile items like glassware and ceramic items should be packed using bubble wrap or polystyrene.

Proper labelling

Once you have packed your parcel in the right way, you need to put the right labels on the parcel. You have to put the address of the recipient as well as that of the sender. This ensures that the parcel returns to the sender in the event that it is not delivered.

Delivering the parcel

With international parcel delivery services, you do not have to make endless rounds to your local post office to send your parcel. The courier company will arrange for a pick up service and the courier people will collect your parcel from your home or the specified address.

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