eBay opens its first high street shop

eBay opens its first high street shop


Hands up who’s ever brought something from eBay?

eBay has had a huge impact on the way we shop. It’s also created a lot of parcels to be despatched by courier so it was interesting to see in the news recently that eBay is planning to move off-line and into the high street.

But don’t worry. This doesn’t signal the end of on-line bidding. Instead the new shop will run as an experiment and will only open for 5-days. The shop will be on Dean Street, just off Oxford Street in Central London and will open from 1st – 5th December. That’s perfect timing for a spot of Christmas shopping.

But before you rush to London be warned. You won’t be able to take any purchases home with you. Instead the till-less shop will stock only a small range of items and will be purely for window-shopping. Customers will be able to browse and check out 200 of the best selling items. What’s more an in-store tablet section will enable shoppers to check out the 200-million eBay products currently available.

Shoppers will still be directed back to the on-line eBay store. If they see something they like they can scan a QR code (similar to a barcode) with their smart phone which will automatically take them to the payment section of the eBay website.

Meaning couriers will still be in demand to ensure anything you order arrives at its destination safely and in one piece. Leaving you with another choice. Will that be Next day or 48 hour delivery?

Source: http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/eBay-open-first-UK-shop-tele-3719113408.html?x=0

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