The benefits of using social media when choosing your parcel courier

The benefits of using social media when choosing your parcel courier

Lots of courier choice has its advantages and disadvantages.

You’ll probably find a price and product that suits your needs – but it can be difficult knowing just who to choose.

So how do you decide who to trust with your parcels?

Perhaps you just use who you’ve always used. Maybe you go by word of mouth. Or how about some on-line research?


Research on-line.

On-line research is a quick and easy way to check out a courier. Start by visiting some courier company websites and check in to see their prices and services. While you’re there have a browse at their testimonials to see what customers are saying.

Remember to check out those parcel comparison sites. As they have access to lots of different courier companies they are a valuable source of information.


Get the truth with social media

If you want a more impartial view why not search social media sites. Check out the number of “likes” on Facebook, or search using a Twitter hashtag to see what the tweeters are saying. Alternatively why not post your own question on Twitter and see what responses you get. That’s the great thing about social media – it’s a two way conversation where anyone can join in, and you’re guaranteed to read about some real experiences.


Or try a review site.

Sites like are totally impartial and offer another way to will read both good and bad feedback.


You will find a bad egg!

Your research is bound to throw up some horrors. After all, couriers are handing thousands of parcels a day. But what you want to know is whether that’s the exception or the norm.


So what do you think? Who does offer the best courier service? Why not leave a comment and let us know.



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