Who will use a courier to send their April Fool?

Who will use a courier to send their April Fool?


You’re probably aware that tomorrow is April 1st – Otherwise known as April Fool’s Day.

Traditionally this is a day when we play jokes and tricks on each other (hopefully all in good nature!)

I think we’ve all got some good April Fool stories, probably becoming more and more sophisticated when you think about the pranks you played in childhood compared to what’s possible as an adult! In fact, that’s part of the fun of April Fool’s Day – having a good excuse to giggle, and then being able to reminisce on those memories at a later date…

But, have you ever thought about sending an April Fool to friends or family via a courier service?  If you booked early enough you could have booked a courier collection in time for a Saturday Delivery Service.

Maybe you thought about couriering a prank to someone in your office.

Or perhaps you thought about playing a joke on your kids (resist the temptation to be too mean though).

If that’s the case, perhaps someone you know has thought about that too and has decided to send you an April fool via a one of our courier partners!

So if you receive a Saturday delivery tomorrow, do be beware as it may contain an April Fool’s surprise!

Whatever you decide to do for April fool’s Day, we hope you get into the spirit of it and have a laugh, and if you’re planning to play a joke, please don’t be too mean!


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