ALWAYS get proof of postage when sending a parcel

ALWAYS get proof of postage when sending a parcel


What shall I buy tonight?

The internet explosion means there’s a lot of on-line shopping taking place. What’s more all those orders need to be fulfilled.  If you are a seller, whether you choose to use Royal Mail or a courier to send your sales, be sure to get some form of proof of delivery.

Did you really post my purchase?

That’s because if for some reason your parcel doesn’t get delivered, you can at least prove to the buyer when the item was sent. In this way proof of delivery can help combat one of the risks involved in on-line shopping – will I get my purchase?

Using Royal Mail’s standard service?

If so you can ask for a free proof of postage receipt. This is stamped with the postage date. However standard parcels are not traceable meaning if the item goes astray it’s difficult to pinpoint where in the network the parcel could have gone missing.

Express courier products are traceable.

A more advanced form of proof of delivery is the traceable barcode attached to your parcel when you use an express courier product. With this barcode your parcel stays more visible. It gets tracked at various stages through the network meaning if it does go missing it’s easier to narrow down where. What’s more with a traceable product you can give your customer a more professional service and more information.

Parcel insured?

Many courier services offer compensation if your parcel gets lost. Although this is added peace of mind do check it covers the value of the contents or consider buying additional cover.

Proof of postage v track and trace.

If you are fulfilling a customer order, a courier delivery may be a better choice. That way you’ll get peace of mind that your parcel is traceable, while your customers see evidence that their parcel was dispatched.



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