From where can I despatch my parcel?

From where can I despatch my parcel?


Do you have a parcel to go?

Perhaps you’ve got a birthday present ready to be sent to your friend, some important documents to deliver to the solicitor or some orders to despatch to a customer.

Whatever’s in your parcel, here are your options for despatching it into the courier network.

1. Book a courier collection from your home

Arguably this offers optimum convenience. Once your parcel is packaged you don’t even need to leave the house to post it. Instead the courier driver will come to you and take it off your hands. Easy.

2. Book a courier collection from your place of work

If you can’t commit to waiting in at home here’s an alternative. Why not book a collection from your office? That way you can still ensure your parcel gets delivered on time, and you won’t need to alter your daily schedule to ensure it happens.

3. Take it to the depot yourself.

A number of courier companies will let you post an item at the depot. So if you don’t mind jumping in your car, you could always take the parcel to the depot yourself.

What’s more when posting by courier you’ve got a number of options. You can post Next Day, Sameday, internationally or nationally. Courier providers are very flexible and you’re bound to find a service specification that you require at a price that suits your needs.

Finally here’s a tip. If you want to save some cash simply search for cheap parcel delivery. You’ll hit upon parcel middlemen and affiliates that offer services from big name couriers for less money than going direct.

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