Waiting for a courier collection? Here are some ideas of what to do

Waiting for a courier collection? Here are some ideas of what to do


Without question despatching your parcel by courier has lots of advantages. However perhaps you are put off because of the need to wait in for the collection driver. Some carriers offer the option to drop your parcel off at your local depot, but when this is not possible we have come up with a few suggestions. Why not book your collection and then plan your day to ensure waiting in is worthwhile. Here are some top tips for how you could spend those hours.

  1. Read a book: Put your feet up and relax with that novel you never have time to pick up. I’ve just finished “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” which was awesome.
  2. Tackle that boring job you’ve been putting off: You know the kind of thing, cleaning the windows, washing the car, sorting out your wardrobe etc.
  3. Get your garden ready for the summer: Spend some time weeding or clearing away the winter neglect.
  4. Watch daytime TV: Load up on gossip TV shows and afternoon soaps without feeling guilty (after all you need to be in the house right!)

What would you do? Leave a comment and let us know how you would spend your time while in for your courier collection driver.

By the way, whatever you do decide to do, just make sure you listen out for the doorbell.



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