Reasons to make a courier a partner in your fulfilment operation

Reasons to make a courier a partner in your fulfilment operation


If you run a small on-line retail business, you probably have customer orders to fulfil.

That means you have a number of things to consider:

You have to weigh up the postage rates when setting your retail price.
You have to ensure your parcels arrive at their destination in one piece and on time.
You have to be able to respond to customer enquires about their order – which could mean you need to know where in the courier network your parcel is.

Each of these requires a reliable courier who not only offers a professional service but also is competitive on price.

A courier delivery is a good alternative to the postal service. That’s because you can book a courier collection at an address you specify, whether that’s your home or your office.

This is a very convenient option. It means you don’t have to drop everything to meet the Post Office cut-off. In addition, you could find it very handy if you get a last minute order in. You could have time to get it packaged and despatched before the courier driver arrives!

Then you’ve also got the peace of mind that with electronic tracking you’ll be able to locate your parcel within the courier network. A lot of courier companies offer this service and it means you’ll be able to update your customer. You won’t face an embarrassing “I don’t know”.

If you have customer orders to fulfil, consider choosing a courier partner to help you get it right.


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