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Is this the biggest courier service benefit?

October 23, 2013

As you know, there are lots of big benefits when you use a courier service. There’s the electronic tracking so you can see, at a glance, where your parcel is. In addition, there are a variety of different delivery specifications so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and your delivery requirements. The service is also very cost-effective. With the large number of courier providers on the market, it means it’s becoming easier to find a provider that matches your budget.

But is there an even bigger benefit to be had?

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the convenience that a courier service provides.

Let’s take a look…

To start with, it’s very quick and easy to book a courier service. You can do it all online now in a matter of minutes. In addition, if you use a parcel booking service, you can choose from a selection of quotes from different providers all on the same page.

What’s more, the courier driver will collect your parcel directly from your door. This can be a HUGE advantage if popping into town is difficult. Perhaps you’re at home with the kids and would really rather not pack them into the car. Maybe you don’t have any transportation. Perhaps you’re a home worker and know your time could be put to better use. Or perhaps it’s pouring with rain and you’d really rather stay warm at home curled up with a good book!

Whatever your reason for not wanting to leave your house, a courier service makes it possible for you to post a parcel without stepping out of your front door.

So do you agree? Is convenience the biggest benefit a courier service could offer you?


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Why a timed courier delivery is a smart choice

October 7, 2013

What service do you use to send your parcel?

If you use a courier, you can choose between Sameday, Timed, Next Day or standard. Each of these has their place and usefulness. What’s more, because there are a variety of options, you should find something that suits your budget or speed of delivery requirements.

Here are four reasons why you may want to choose the premium timed delivery service.

1.       Choice:

With a timed courier product, depending on the courier provider you choose, for a premium fee you can guarantee delivery by 9am, 10am or 2 noon.

This reassurance is ideal if you need to ensure an item arrives with your recipient during the morning. That’s because whilst a Next Day service provides delivery the next day, depending on where the recipient’s address is on the courier driver’s route, it could arrive at any time during that day.

2.       Customer service:

Some customers will not want to wait around all day for their parcel to arrive. A timed product allows you to overcome this inconvenience. That’s because you can give them a shorter delivery window in which to expect their parcel.

3.       A morning delivery is essential:

A timed delivery service can prove very useful if you have some important documents or other items that absolutely must be with the recipient before lunch.

4.       Make the right impression:

Sometimes, by sending your item on a premium delivery specification, you can make you customer feel that little bit more special.

How could you use a timed delivery service?


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Posted in Courier Delivery — Written by Jeremy — Comments (0)

Are you making these courier service mistakes?

September 26, 2013

Posting a parcel via a courier is a cost-effective, convenient way to send a parcel from door-to-door. But to avoid any unwanted stress or unnecessary hassle, you’ll want to fend off these three common mistakes.

1.       Forgetting to compare prices:

The courier market has become even more competitive in recent years due to the boom in online shopping and the Internet. More and more people are buying online, and couriers are busier than ever delivery physical goods to our homes. It means you can great a really good deal.

But to avoid paying more than necessary, it’s always worth searching for cheap parcel delivery. You’ll find a collection of parcel booking agents who will be able to provide you with a great deal. Simply use the FREE quote and book service and you’ll see, in an instant, which provider and delivery specification is right for you.

2.       Not taking into account collection cut-off times:

It is possible to secure next day delivery with a courier service, but to do that you’ll need to request your collection BEFORE the cut-off time – or your parcel will be delayed. To avoid being disappointed and having your parcel arrive late, where possible, book your collection in advance.

3.       Poor packaging:

Whilst courier providers take great care over your parcel as it moves through the network, your parcel is going to get moved about a lot. Therefore, be mindful of your packaging and wrap your item securely – use bubble wrap, strong boxes and parcel tape, as these will minimise the chances of your package coming undone en route.


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