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ebay Parcel Deliveries Made Easy

July 31, 2013

With the kids home for the summer, here’s an idea for a rainy day.

If you have a growing collection of outgrown and unwanted toys, perhaps you could enlist the help of your children to turn them into cash.

Start by having a good root through the playroom, kids bedrooms and any other place where toys frequent, and then pick out the good quality items that are no longer wanted.

You can then list these onto eBay (or other similar websites) and sell them.

Some larger items you may want to advertise as pick up only.

But for smaller items, you’ll want to arrange for a courier service to deliver them on your behalf.

You’ll find this is easier to do than you might think.

If you visit one of the online parcel booking agents such as, you can get an instant quote simply by entering your parcel’s dimensions and delivery postcode details. What’s more, you can get prices from a range of different courier providers including City Link, Parcelforce and Yodel. You can also view prices by delivery specification making it really easy for you to choose the best option for you – whether that’s Next Day or a 48-Hour service.

Then, once you’ve selected the best quote for you, simply book your courier collection.

Your chosen courier will collect your parcel from your specified address and deliver it on your behalf. What’s more, because your item will be posted with an electronic barcode it means you’ll be able to trace its progress as it moves through the delivery network. You’ll even be able to see when the item was delivered. It’s great for peace of mind and for getting the reassurance you want that the buyer actually did receive those old toys.


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How to send your eBay parcel

January 24, 2013

Do you sell items on eBay?

Perhaps you use the selling function on an ad-hoc basis as part of your efforts to de-clutter and minimalize. Or maybe you have a small online retail business and use eBay as one of your sales outlets.

Whatever your reason, you’ll want to minimise your delivery costs whilst ensuring a reliable service. After all, you don’t want to attract customer complaints for missing parcels.

If so, it’s worth checking out a courier service when you have a parcel to go.

That’s because modern courier services offer lots of advantages to both the ad hoc user as well as posters who require a more regular service. For example:

1.      Convenience:

Your chosen courier will collect your parcel from the address that you specify. This means you don’t have to make a trip to the Post Office. This could be a real advantage if it’s difficult to get out of the house or if you have a number of parcels to send.

2.      Reliability:

A courier’s reputation will be influenced by its ability to deliver its advertised service specifications. As such, whilst mishaps can occur, couriers do all they can to deliver on time, to the right destination and in one piece. In addition, electronic tracking makes it easy for you to check your parcel’s progress online.

3.      Price:

The courier market is so competitive that it’s now possible to get cheap parcel delivery. It’s worth shopping around because you’ll find different couriers offer different prices depending on the delivery specification. In addition, if you don’t have the time, you could try a parcel re-seller. You’ll be able to compare prices for a range of big brand couriers as well as booking a collection online.

Next time you need to post that eBay parcel, consider the courier route.


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How to use an eBay parcel delivery to boost your sales

May 29, 2012

Do you use eBay as a method of selling?

Perhaps you have an eBay shop, or perhaps you use the site to clear out all the used items that you no longer require. After all it’s a good way to make some cash as well as some space.

If so, are you left wondering how to despatch the item to the buyer? Perhaps you use Royal Mail. You may even opt for “pick-up only” on eBay because on the surface it seems less hassle.

However, it is possible to use an eBay parcel service to boost your sales.

That’s because you can use a courier re-seller or a parcel-booking agent to get cheap parcel delivery.

It’s a simple but effective concept

You buy a collection from one of the big name brands such as City Link, Yodel, Parcelforce Worldwide and DHL but cheaper. If you’re buying a few collections here and there you won’t qualify for the bulk-buying discounts that re-sellers obtain. So you can see it makes financial sense to give the booking agents a go.

You may find you’ll pay less to despatch your parcels.

In addition, perhaps you won’t need to opt for pick-up only because the courier service costs a little less than you thought.

What’s more, use a courier and you could save yourself some time as well.

That’s because your chosen courier provider will collect your item direct from your door. Simple.

So next time you’re wondering if it’s worth trying to sell that item on eBay, check out the cost of a courier service. You may be surprised at what you discover.


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