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How should I label my parcel?

September 23, 2011

You’ve secured and packaged your parcel, chosen your preferred delivery service and now you’re ready to send it on its way.

One of the most crucial things you can do to ensure your parcel is delivered to the right recipient is to address it clearly and accurately.

It sounds obvious, but if your handwriting is illegible, or the postcode is inaccurate or hard to read, it could mean your parcel is routed to the wrong delivery depot, or end up on the wrong trailer. The result? Your parcel won’t get delivered on time, or even worse it might not get delivered at all.


To avoid this problem, here are some top tips for addressing your parcel for a courier delivery:

1.  Write the address clearly and accurately. If your handwriting is a little suspect it may be worth writing the details in block capitals or type them out using a computer.

2.  Always include the postcode. It helps to ensure your parcel is routed correctly within the courier network, and will make the item easier to deliver.

If you don’t know the postcode for your destination, check out this handy link from Royal Mail. It helps you find postcodes and you get up to 15 free searches a day.

3.  Consider adding a contact number. That way if there are any problems the courier can at least phone to try and fix it.

4.  Include a sender’s address – or a sender’s house number and postcode. Although this is optional, this additional information can help:

  • If the item can’t be delivered the courier has an address to return it to.
  • If the recipient is out and does not request a re-delivery, the courier can return it to the sender easily.


Remember, by accurately labelling your parcel, you will help the courier deliver your parcel on time.



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Can I hand write the address label for my parcel?

June 22, 2010

If you’re using our DHL parcel delivery service to send a parcel within the UK or our DHL Euro Plus service for cheap parcel delivery to Europe then yes you can.  A clearly written label stuck on to the parcel is accepted.  There are no reference numbers to write and no special bar codes to stick on (the driver will bring this with them).  It’s only our DHL “By Air” service which requires a special Consignment or Waybill label to be printed off and stuck to the parcel.  It just goes to show a simple parcel delivery service is possible.

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Posted in Packaging Tips,Sending Parcels — Written by CMPComments (0)
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