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How Solicitors Could Benefit From A Courier Service

August 22, 2013

A reliable courier service can be an asset for many businesses.

Here are five reasons why a firm of solicitors could benefit.

1.       Quick service:

Solicitors often deal with time sensitive information that needs to be with clients or other professionals in a specific time frame. Courier services make this doable. For example, solicitors can send documents and parcels Next Day. In addition, if the parcel needs to arrive in the morning, Timed services can be used. Finally, if a document is very urgent, same-day collections and deliveries can be booked.

2.       Proof of receipt:

Solicitors will often want proof that the recipient has received an item. A courier makes this easy by electronically recording the time of delivery. What’s more, some couriers will even capture an electronic signature of the person who signed for the item.

3.       Traceability:

If important items are being sent, peace of mind is crucial. Express parcels processed by the big brand couriers such as City Link, Yodel and Parcelforce worldwide will have a unique electronic barcode. Depending on the courier, this barcode will be scanned at various points throughout the network giving parcels visibility. Simply type in your unique barcode number online, and you can track its progress through the network.

4.       Convenience:

Couriers collect items from your specified address. They will come direct to your solicitor’s office to pick up any items that you have to post. This saves time, as you won’t need to pop to the Post Office or the local depot.

5.       Cost effective:

Whilst reliability is likely to be more important to you, because courier providers offer a range of delivery specifications at different prices to pick from, you can choose the service which best meets your posting needs.


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Posted in Courier Delivery,Next Day Delivery — Written by Georgina — Comments (0)

Three Reasons To Use A Timed Delivery Service

June 26, 2013

Price is often a key driver when it comes to choosing your preferred courier provider.

However, there are times when speed is more important. In these situations you may be prepared to pay that little bit more and instead book a Timed Delivery Service.

Let me explain why…

As its name suggests, a Timed Delivery Service will guarantee delivery at your specified address by a specific time. The most common time windows are by 9am, by 10am and by noon. In comparison, Next Day delivery ensures your parcel is with your recipient by close of play.

But there may be times when that timescale isn’t sufficient. Here are three such examples:

1.       You are couriering an item that’s crucial for a time sensitive meeting:

For example some hardcopy documents, a proposal or a prototype. In these cases you want peace of mind that the item has arrived safely and in good time.

2.       Your recipient may not be able to wait in:

Perhaps your recipient needs to go to work, or perhaps it’s the school holidays and your recipient has a brood of irritable kids who are itching to get out! In these cases, waiting around all day for a parcel to arrive could be very inconvenient and annoying. Instead opt for a Timed Delivery and the problem’s solved.

3.       Over-deliver on your promises:

There may be times when you want to go that little bit further to satisfy an important client. A Timed Delivery Service could ensure your customer receives their order / purchase even earlier than they anticipated – and that could be good for your relationship and reputation.

As you can see, whilst a Next Day delivery is a great courier product for despatching most items, there may be times when a Timed Service is that little bit more appropriate.


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Three reasons to choose a Next Day courier service

June 13, 2013

When booking a courier collection, you’ll often be spoilt for choice.

First you need to decide which courier provider you’ll opt for. Maybe you’ll pick a big brand such as Parcelforce, Yodel or City Link, or maybe you’d prefer to choose a local, smaller supplier.

Next you need to decide which delivery specification to choose. Again there are lots of options ranging from Sameday to Timed, Next Day, 48-hour and a standard service.

As you can imagine they each have their pros and cons, and what you ultimately decide upon will depend on your budget, your timescale and even what your parcel contains.

That said, the Next Day service continues to be very popular and here are three reasons why:

1.       It’s quick:

If you are able to have a parcel ready and you book a collection before the cut-off time, you can have an item delivered the very next weekday. This can be a big advantage if you have to get something important to a different location in a short timescale.

2.       It’s not as expensive as you’d think…

There’s a misconception that courier services are very expensive. However, given the added value that you get with a courier, the cost suddenly becomes justifiable. For example, the courier will collect from an address that you specify. It means you don’t have to make a special trip out to get your item posted. In addition, cheap parcel delivery is easier than ever to locate due to the growth of parcel resellers and online booking agents.

3.       It gives a good impression

If you’re using a courier service for business (for example, fulfilling retail orders), opting for a Next Day service could leave a more favourable impression with your customers because it shows you’re acknowledging they want their chosen item as quickly as possible.

But which service do you usually choose when sending your parcels?


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