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Parcel Collection Made Easy

July 16, 2013

Have you been enjoying the summer sun?

After months of waiting for the warm weather to arrive, you’re forgiven for wanting to spend as much time basking in the warmth as possible – after all, knowing the Great British weather there are no guarantees it’s going to stick around!

Which means if you have a parcel to post, you may be tempted to delay the trip to the Post Office and instead carry on sunbathing!

But did you know a courier collection allows you to do both? You can get your parcel sent AND continue to enjoy some relaxation time in your back garden.

Here’s how…

  1. Instead of going to the Post Office to despatch your parcel, book a parcel collection. You can do this by phone, or online either direct or with your preferred courier service. Alternatively, if you’d like to save some cash try a parcel-booking agent such as instead.
  1. Next, ensure your parcel is securely packaged and accurately labelled. It’s the best way to help make sure your parcel arrives safely at its destination.
  1. Finally chill out with a cool drink, a good book and relax. Simply listen out for the courier collection driver to arrive on your allotted day and hand your parcel over.

It’s so easy!

What’s more, you can also check your parcel has been delivered from the comfort of your own home too. Simply login to the appropriate website, enter your unique barcode number and you’ll be able to see instantly when your parcel arrived.

So give yourself permission to carry on enjoying the sun, and book that courier collection today.


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How to get a parcel collection in half the time

July 30, 2012

Do you feel time poor?

If you work and you have children, the summer holidays can make you feel that little bit more pressured! Suddenly your time is squeezed because in addition to sorting your existing responsibilities, you need to ensure the kids are entertained too!

That means if you can find ideas and shortcuts to save you time, it can make your life that little bit easier.

If you need to send a parcel, here’s a way to do it quickly, easily and with less hassle.

Now your instinct may be to go to the Post Office. But that usually means a trip out which can be expensive in terms of time.

Here’s an alternative way you may like to consider.

  1. Use a parcel booking agent or reseller.
  2. Book your courier collection online.
  3. Package your parcel and address it correctly.
  4. Wait for the courier to collect from your specified address (could be home, office, or somewhere else you’re spending the day).
  5. Done!

If you book a courier collection this way, your day needn’t be disrupted.

If you’re having a rainy day tidy up you don’t need to pop out, if the kids are having a play day at home with their friend they don’t need to be disturbed, and if you are in the midst of catching up with your paperwork, you can get on with it!

To save time when posting your parcel, check out and see if it works for you.


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Posted in Parcel Collection — Written by Jeremy — Comments (0)

What is a courier-booking agent?

June 2, 2012

It’s a good question – what exactly is a courier-booking agent?

You may have stumbled across the concept, but wondered what it was all about and are curious as to how you can benefit.

Let me explain…

In short, a courier booking-agent lets you book a courier collection from one of the big name couriers.

But instead of going direct – you use a middleman, or a booking agent. You can use this method to book collections from the likes of City Link, Parcelforce Worldwide, Yodel and DHL all from the comfort of your computer.

You may be wondering why it’s worth involving a middleman. After all, you’re going to get a better deal going direct right?

It pays to use a booking agent…

Here are two important ways you can benefit from using a courier-booking agent:

1.      Save money: Surprisingly you may save money by not going direct. That’s because courier-booking agents book collections on behalf of a large number of people. As a result they get a bulk-buying discount and pass some of those savings onto you.

2.      Get the best price: In this cost conscious climate we’re always looking for the best deal. A courier-booking agent will help you get the best price when booking your parcel collection. That’s because when you visit for a quote, you’ll get prices from a range of couriers – not just one. What that means is you can choose the price and delivery specification that works for you without having to phone around lots of different companies.

 It’s easy to find courier-booking agents. Simply search for “parcel collection”.


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