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Can I send a suitcase?

June 1, 2010

Yes you can with!  You need to remember that it may get scuffed if it’s one of the hard shelled styles suitcases so we always recommend that you wrap it for example in plastic wrap / pallet wrap to protect it.  It also means your label won’t come off if it’s stuck to the plastic.  You can send your suitcase within the UK with our cheap parcel delivery service or overseas with our international delivery services.

It’s even possible to have a suitcase collected from abroad and brought back to the UK with our DHL Import Service.  This is a great service if you’ve forgotten something whilst away on holiday or have bought something which is too large or inconvenient to bring back on the plane.  Simply book the import on-line via the Quote & Book facility and we will e-mail you the documents you need so you may forward them to the collecting address to attach to your parcel.

For more details click here.

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