TNT introduces new adMail services for marketers

TNT introduces new adMail services for marketers


TNT Post, a leading parcel delivery company, is aiming to increase the return on investment for marketers of direct mail. To achieve this goal, TNT Post has come up with new adMail services.

The latest adMail or low priced service is specially designed for promotional direct mail. It will drive sales and encourage greater support.

Under adMail services, TNT post is planning to promote the best practices in data management and customer service. People who will be using adMail services will deal with diligent data process and prospects data against consumer or business files.

The best thing about adMail services is that they work in a five day delivery window which will benefit many customers. Businesses which need to send 4,000 to 10,000 items a day can use the new services and increase their productivity.

The present chief executive of TNT Post UK, Nick Wells, stated that adMail is a new, efficient and cost-effective service for direct mail. It will help in fulfilling the needs of marketers in the tough economic climate. The main aim of this reduced cost service for promotional direct mail is to provide real value to clients.

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