What’s in the box?

What’s in the box?


Today sees an event that only happens once every four years.

It’s a leap year so we get to enjoy an extra day in the month of February – February 29th.

What’s more, it’s the day when women are traditionally “allowed” to propose to their man.

As you know, couriers will be out and about collecting and delivering parcels this leap year day.

The Next Day parcels that were posted yesterday would have been sorted overnight, distributed to the correct delivery depot and as we speak they will be on delivery vans ready to be taken to customers all over the country.

Timed deliveries will be delivered first, while Next Day items will be delivered sometime before close of play. If you’re a recipient you’ll be asked to sign when your parcel arrives, it’s a great security benefit and means the poster can check on-line to monitor the progress of their parcel.

Now, if you’re a recipient of a courier delivery today, the question is “what’s in the box?”

If the box is small – you never know! Perhaps it will contain a hint of a proposal! That’s the great thing about couriers – it’s a great way to deliver something important to the people you care about.

On this leap year day perhaps a lovely surprise is making its way to you via a courier.


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