Just a few years ago our letterboxes were chock-full of mail. But with the arrival of email, our inboxes are now taking a hammering while the front door is that much quieter. Sure I love email. Quick, convenient, and very cheap! That said, there are times when digital communication can be a little too impersonal. Especially if you want to show someone how much you care.

So if you want your message to stand out (and if you want to leave an impression), why not send a parcel? When you come offline and make the decision to send something physical, your possibilities increase massively. After all, you can buy boxes of all sizes and shapes. And with the quality of packing materials now available, the scope of what you can courier is very broad.

In addition, because you can get a next day delivery, sending a parcel rather than an email isn’t going to delay your message by very much.

So what do you think? Who could you surprise? Sure, you’re going to have to put in just a little more effort to prepare a parcel than write that email. But just imagine how you could brighten up someone’s day. Surely that’s got to be worth the extra mile?

Then, when your parcel is ready to go, just book your courier collection online. Your chosen courier

will collect from your door – easy peasy!

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