DHL, an international parcel delivery service provider has recently launched a new Less Than Container Load (LCL) Expedited service. Under this new scheme, DHL will be able to deliver from 19 Europe locations to the US. Using Danmar lines, the latest services will improve delivery times to US markets.

The LCL Expedited shipments will be delivered to New York from various different ports from Western and Eastern Europe. After shipment to deliver goods to the clients’ in domestic areas of the US, trucks are used. The number of days for delivery will depend on the destination. But it is estimated it will take three to four days for parcel delivery.

Traditional LCL services will transport goods anywhere in the US once they reach New York. The concept of these latest services is similar to LCL in Asia where DHL parcel delivery services cover Shanghai, India and Hong Kong.

Tara Caputo, Director of LCL services in North America, DHL Global Forwarding said that their capacity will expand to facilitate these services.

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