Couriers are all about the convenience.

You have a parcel to go, you book a collection, they show up within an expected time frame, and the job’s done. Simple. As a result you don’t want to be spending ages faffing and searching for the best courier. It defeats the object – especially when you consider that time is money. That’s what makes parcel-booking agents so handy – because they do a lot of the legwork for you. Instead of ringing around for quotes and trying to decipher whether you’d be better to send Next Day, 48-hours, or standard, you can get a quick and easy comparison.

All you need to do is enter your delivery details and parcel dimensions and you’ll discover quotes for different delivery specifications across the big brand names.

The quickest way to find a booking agent is to search cheap parcel delivery or visit

Interestingly, you won’t lose any service quality by not going direct. Even if you book your courier collection through a third-party, it will still be your chosen courier who does the collections and the deliveries. The real difference is the money (and hassle) you’ll save by taking a different route to the same outcome.

So next time you need a courier, get the answers you need quicker by using a parcel-booking agent. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before!



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