If you have a parcel to go, then you have a lot of choices. From big national brands to a local man and a van, you have a lot of options if you want to get a parcel from A to B. So how do you make your selection?

Here are three angles to consider:

  1. Reputation

It’s likely you want your parcel to arrive safely and in one piece. Therefore, it’s worth getting a feel for a courier’s track record. What’s their quality of service like? How reliable are they? What do they do if something does go wrong?

It’s fairly easy to get a feel for a courier’s performance. You’ll find lots of reviews online – so take a look.

  1. Cost

Given the time and effort that a courier can save you, parcel delivery services are incredibly affordable. In fact, you can get a parcel from A to B for just a few £pounds.

Of course, all courier companies differ – so the easiest way to get a feel as to which company offers the best deal is to get a quote. Our Quote & Book service makes it easy for you to discover how different couriers compete on price.

  1. Delivery specification

Finally, how quickly do you want your item to arrive?

Again, you have a raft of choice ranging from next day to 48-hours to a longer standard service. You can even opt for premium specifications such as Timed Next day or even the same day in some areas.

What’s right for you?



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