Do you have a parcel to go?

If so, your first choice is to decide what delivery specification you should pick. To help you decide, here’s a quick run down of your main choices:


If your parcel delivery absolutely can’t wait, depending on your location, the time you call, and the destination of your parcel, you may be able to secure delivery of your item the same day. Clearly, this is a premium service, but sometimes the nature of your delivery requires urgent treatment.

Timed services:

If you want the convenience of knowing your parcel will be delivered before a stated time, then a timed service is a good choice. Pick between by 9 am, by 10 am, and by noon (carrier dependent), and you can guarantee your parcel will be with your recipient by the following morning.

Next day:

Possibly the most popular courier service, this allows you to get a parcel to almost every destination in the UK (and even further afield) by close of business the next working day. You’ll need to meet the collection cut off to secure next day delivery, but this service is ideal if you want speed at an affordable budget.

48-hour service:

If you want a cheaper option (and speed of delivery is less important), get a quote for a 48-hour service. As the specification suggests, this promises delivery within two working days of your collection.


As well as helping you deliver items across the UK, courier companies can take your parcels overseas too. Choose by air or by sea services to reach almost every destination on the planet.

Couriers make the world that little bit smaller by making it convenient and affordable for you to send items to your friends, family, customers, suppliers, and prospects.

What will be in your next parcel?



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