Can you relate to this situation?

You had a parcel that you intended to send, but for whatever reason it didn’t actually make it into the distribution network:

  • Unexpected priorities cropped up
  • It slipped your mind
  • The weather was too awful to face going outside!
  • You had too much other stuff to do, the parcel got left
  • Life took over!

Let’s be honest, even if you have good intentions, if you have to make a special trip to post a parcel, there is a chance it won’t get sent.  And that’s one of the reasons why a courier service is so convenient.

You see, if you book a courier collection, the driver will collect your parcel direct from your specified address – whether that’s home, work, or somewhere else you know you’ll be. What’s more, you don’t have to post a heap of parcels – or even need to post parcels regularly to book a collection. That’s because courier companies will happily take ad hoc parcels from domestic customers – in just the same way that they’ll collect from larger businesses and corporations.

But that’s not all…

When you consider the time you’ll save – plus any petrol and parking costs – a courier collection can be an incredibly cost effective way to get your parcel from A to B. And if you use an online parcel-booking agency to request a collection, you could find that you save money too. So with Christmas drawing close, just remember it’s easier than you think to send a parcel to your friends, family, or colleagues – wherever they live across the world.


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