Are you dreading the thought of heading to the shops for a spot of festive shopping? There’s bound to be lengthy queues, a frantic search for a prized car parking space, and a tussle for the last “must-have” toy. (There’s just so much pressure!) Sure, the shopping has to be done, but is there another way to spoil your loved ones this Christmas?

Perhaps there is… especially if you have little ones. Here’s an idea.

Why not go for a handmade Christmas?

You could get all creative with your little ones. And with the masses of project ideas and inspiration available online, there should be something that even the least artistic amongst us can manage! What’s more, the kids will have fun (making a mess), and the end result will be a selection of unique, one-off gifts for relatives. In addition, you get to avoid all the mad commercialisation in the process. But here’s the best part…

You don’t even need to deal with the queues to get your handmade gift into your relative’s hands on Christmas Day. That’s because you can book a courier collection and let your chosen network deliver your present on your behalf. Simple! Just package your parcel nice and snugly, and be sure to not miss the last collection date. Then sit smugly at home (with a warm cup of your favourite) and let the courier driver do all the hard work.

Does that make your Christmas preparations a little easier?


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