One thing is for sure across the width and breadth of courier services; there are some places that drivers will dislike delivering to.

Perhaps it is the large, aggressive dog or the shin deep mud that fills the garden, just the address alone is enough to make them roll their eyes and sigh in irritation.

However, these places pale into insignificance when you look at some of these creepy, dangerous and utterly terrifying places around the world. Taking inspiration from the forthcoming Halloween celebrations; we are presenting you with a whole collection of destinations that even the most dedicated of drivers may not want to see on their drop list.

The Island of the Dolls; Mexico

There is something significantly creepy about children’s dolls which just heightens the pure goose pimple inducing nature of this small island in Xochimilco (a district of Mexico City). The man who owned this particular island (Julian Santana Barrera) wanted to frighten off evil spirits and would do so using the parts of discarded dolls hung around the trees on the island. Since his death in 2001 the island has become somewhat of a tourist attraction with people actually travelling by boat to take in the spooky view!

Edinburgh Castle

Not only is Edinburgh Castle a beautiful sight nestled on the top of a hill in the wonderful Scottish city but it is also thought to be incredibly haunted too. The ghostly inhabitants of this tourist attraction include a phantom piper, a drummer with no head and even a dog ghoul. Those who have visited the castle have reported that there are sudden drops in temperature at odd points and also the feeling that something unseen is tugging at their clothes.

The North Yungas Road; Bolivia

Moving away from hauntings and deserted places to somewhere that should actually be perceived as terrifyingly dangerous. This “Death Road” is a 60km track built in the 1930s. Those who are brave enough to drive in either direction of the 3 metres wide road can expect to not only have to deal with the prospect of no guard rails but also the likelihood of heavy rain and fog which seems to affect the road. With a drop of up to 600 metres this road can seen thousands of deaths but still tempts people into visiting for a thrill seeking drive or ride.

So there you have it. Just some of the interesting and spooky addresses or landmarks around the world. It is unlikely of course that you will find yourself needing to send a birthday card to any of these places; but if you needed to find a courier that was dedicated to making a delivery no matter how tricky it may be, then you may have just found the right one.

Don’t be terrified of making a mistake when it comes to picking your delivery service. When it comes to picking us we can promise you all treat and no tricks.

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