Have you taken advantage of the flexibility offered by home-based working? As you know the internet, smart phones and cloud computing have totally transformed the way we work and as a result more and more people are enjoying the freedom of working from a flexible location.

From mumpreneurs to internet based retail stores, smart business owners are realising the cost savings of turning their back on expensive offices and instead earning an income from their kitchen table.

For many home-based business owners time is of a premium. That’s because they’re busy juggling other responsibilities alongside work. Whether it’s children or just a desire to work less and earn more, these people will enthusiastically grab any service or product that frees up their time.

And that’s where couriers have an advantage…

At some point most businesses will have a need to send a parcel. Some will post on an ad hoc basis whilst others (in particular online retail outlets) will have a need to send more frequently.

Business owners could use the Post Office, but if time is a premium it could make more sense to book a courier collection instead. That’s because when you use a courier you remove the requirement to leave your work to make the last posting time. Instead a courier will come to you leaving you free to carry on uninterrupted.

What’s more, a courier service could save you money. There are a number of different courier products to choose from meaning you’re free to make the decision between cost and speed of delivery.

Finally, you can book and pay for your courier collection at www.collectmyparcel.com from the comfort of your home. You can even check online using your unique barcode number to see when your item has been delivered.

How could this benefit you?

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