Have you ever received a perfectly wrapped gift? Usually, we rush to tear the paper apart and see what we have been gifted, but when we see something that has been flawlessly wrapped, we take time to appreciate it. We stop and read the tag. Perhaps we untie the ribbon and resist the urge to tear into it choosing, instead, to carefully unfold the paper. There is no doubt that presents which look like they have been wrapped by a pro stand out. Using the tips below you can be the one handing people perfectly wrapped gifts.

From finding the perfect parcel delivery service so that your gift arrives in great condition and on time to the necessary supplies – we have everything you need to know to wrap presents like a pro.

Gathering Supplies

The key to perfectly wrapping a gift is having the right supplies. Gather the essential tools together and make sure you have everything you need. At a minimum, you will require some wrapping paper, tape and a pair of scissors. But we are not going for the minimum here, we want to wrap like a pro so make that tape double-sided (we’ll come back to that later) and buy some ribbon. An extra pro tip; don’t leave buying wrapping supplies until the last minute and risk being unable to find what you need. Shop early and get the wrapping paper and ribbon you want.

Creating Some Space

Before you start wrapping find a suitable space. You don’t want to crumple your wrapping paper, or have the roll fall off the table and unravel as it rolls across the floor. Clear a large table or use a kitchen counter. You don’t need loads of room unless it’s a particularly large gift, but you should give yourself the necessary room to wrap comfortably.

Measuring Twice And Cutting Cut Once

Measure twice, cut once is a common phrase and it applies in the most literal sense when it comes to gift wrapping. Accidental cutting off too little wrapping paper is sure to put a dampener on your wrapping, especially if it leaves you without enough paper to wrap your gift. Take your time and make sure you get it right. Don’t feel the need to rush. Wrapping a gift, even when you take your time, doesn’t take long so there is no reason to risk making needless mistakes.

Using Double-Sided Tape

If you want your wrapping to look crisp and seamless, use double-sided tape. Double-sided tape can be hidden under the folds leaving you with a flawlessly wrapped gift. This also avoids the challenge of keeping a fantastic wrapping aesthetic by matching up the tape’s colours and patterns with your paper. If you have never tried using double-sided tape for wrapping gifts give it a go – you’ll be amazed by the difference this one small change makes.

Delivering Your Gift

If you are not delivering your gift in person then you need to pay great attention to how it is delivered. Using a comparison tool such as Collect My Parcel, you can find a reliable courier for both parcel collection and delivery. If you have taken the time to wrap your gift like a pro you want it to be delivered on time and taken care of during transit. You also should not be overpaying for the privilege, so be sure to compare prices before picking a parcel courier.

Using the tips in this post you can wrap gifts like a pro. Keep these points in mind every time you have an upcoming birthday or holiday celebration and your gift will be sure to stand out in the pile. Now you just need to make sure the recipient is as excited once they unwrap the gift as they are when they see your professional level wrapping skills.