There are a variety of reasons why you might decide to ship edible products worldwide. Perhaps you are sending some tastes of home to a friend or relative who is miles away or even just to introduce something a little different to those who might not otherwise have access to it.

Ultimately the important thing to remember when it comes to shipping food items is that you cannot send anything abroad that is classed as perishable. As long as you remember this important rule then you should find the whole process relatively simple.

The basic do’s and don’ts

Whatever the type of product that you are looking to ship there are some basic things to keep in mind when sending food products internationally.


Send any items that need to be kept in a temperature controlled environment as they will spoil before they are receiving

Send goods that are restricted for import into the destination country; always check this first before you send

Don’t send any hampers or packages that contain alcohol as these are classed as prohibited items and cannot be shipped


Clearly label the item which includes all the ingredients and the use by date

Package it up carefully and ensure that it can withstand being turned upside down during transit. It is always a good idea to wrap everything up separately in order to protect each one
Shipping store bought items
Store bought items seem to be the easiest to ship, as everything that you need to know about what is contained is easily accessible on the packaging. However, that said, it is still important to keep in mind some important aspects of shipping shop bought items to minimise any issues that could possibly arise.

Ensure that the product is the original packaging and that this packaging is sealed and unhampered with.

The packaging must list all of the ingredients and show a use by date that is at least 6 months from the date of shipping. Anything with a date that is less than 6 months from the date of shipping will be classed as perishable.
Shipping home made goods

Whilst it may be tempting to ship those delicious cakes you made at the weekend to your family members abroad it is important to remember that most home-made foods can be classed as perishable and therefore cannot be shipped via a courier. You may be tempted to try and cheat the system and label your produce as shop bought however be aware that this will not be accepted by customs and you may be faced with a penalty for doing so. Instead of risking it by sending out an item that is home made perhaps you could instead take advantage of emails and send your family member the recipe instead for them to recreate in their own home. You could even buy a shop bought cake mix and send this instead so that they can easily make their own delicious treats without you having to face any possible issues.

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