On-line retailing has made it increasingly easy for a business to attract global customers. When browsing for products on-line you could be looking in the virtual shop window of a toy store in Texas or a specialized boutique in Paris.

What’s more because the courier market is now so competitive on both price and reliability, if you have a niche product it is possible to deliver to overseas customers by booking international parcel deliveries to countries around the world.

All this is good news for small businesses because it offers the potential to expand into new markets. Customers down under? Book a parcel delivery to Australia. Or if you need to send items “across the pond” you’ll find some very good deals for a parcel delivery to the USA.

The time factor is also being addressed. Of course there are times when a recipient needs an item super-speedy meaning buying locally, or at least nationally is a more appropriate solution. But these days the world seems to be shrinking and far off destinations are now very accessible via a cargo plane.

DHL are well known for their international courier service. Apparently they have the network capacity to handle around 7 million mail items around the world each day. What’s more they have 40 processing centres worldwide in addition to around 100 sales offices. That’s a big network!

If you’d like more information about posting internationally, check out this blog from the archive:



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