The international couriering of goods has been taking place for a number of years now. With improvements in courier services and intense competition, courier companies are revamping the way they function. Today they offer exceptional services and benefits to customers globally. International couriers can send items by air, sea, road or rail. There are numerous companies that dispatch and deliver internationally.

The larger courier companies operate on a global scale and usually cater to big corporations who have to transport a huge amount of shipments. On the other hand, the smaller companies cater to those who have to send small or medium size packages. These include letters, documents or small gift items.

The different services offered by international courier companies

A door to door service is the most popular service provided by courier companies. Through this service, courier companies pick up the parcel to be shipped from the customer’s office or home premises. They then ship the parcel directly to the receiver address. A door to door delivery service is generally used by businesses and individuals alike.

Through express or overnight services, international courier agents ship packages within the next day of dispatch. Planes are the preferred modes of transport to courier goods through express or overnight services.

Parcel and document delivery is another type of service that international courier companies provide. The service delivers letters, documents and small parcels. The delivery period for this kind of service is quick and safe. Generally, the service is used by banks, online shopping businesses, internet service providers and telephone companies.

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