The world is getting smaller.

You know this… with social media, Skype, the internet and a whole host of other apps, it’s easier than ever to communicate with people from all corners of the globe.

And this shift may have influenced the direction of your business too. Perhaps you’re now despatching products overseas. After all, the internet has levelled the playing field. It’s now possible for you to compete – even if you operate your business from the kitchen table.

But what about your postage costs?

Would you like to discover an easy way to reduce the amount you pay to send a parcel overseas? If so, a parcel-booking agent can help. That’s because you can benefit from bulk-buy discounts – even if you don’t post in large quantities yourself.

When you book your courier collection through a parcel-booking agent you can:

  • Tap into our bulk-buying power
  • Enjoy cheap parcel delivery rates

… even if you only post international parcels on an ad-hoc basis.

What’s more, when you use a courier, you can despatch your products with ease. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your office to get your parcels into the delivery network. That’s because your chosen courier will collect from your door. Simple.

It’s easy to discover how much international parcel delivery will cost. Simply check out the Quote & Book service and you can see – at a glance – which courier will offer you the best deal.

Then, if your P&P costs reduce, what opportunities does that open up for your business?

It’s got to be worth a thought, right?


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