It’s that time of year when it’s OK to get mushy, display your affections and shower your love with gifts, cards and romantic messages!

Yes Cupid has got his quiver filled and his bow pulled taut ready to shoot some arrows next Tuesday.

Leaving you with the challenge of deciding what gift will woo your Valentine.

Will it be?

  • Chocolates?
  • Flowers?
  • Tickets for a romantic weekend away?
  • Jewellery?
  • A cuddly teddy bear holding a heart?

Luckily you still have time to get inspired and select something unique. And if you can’t make it to the high street or shopping mall choose something on-line.

Then wrap your present (make it neat!), enclose a deep and meaningful love letter and pack up your parcel.

Then when you’re happy your gift is securely wrapped, book your courier collection. It’s a different experience from hand-delivery. Imagine how the object of your affection will feel when the courier knocks at the door and hands over your special gift…

But please remember. While your courier can’t guarantee your gift will get the reaction you’re hoping for, they can at least ensure your parcel arrives on time!

(What’s more if you book a collection through a parcel affiliate or middleman you’ll earn brownie points by saving money too!)

Have a great Valentines Day,

With lots of love,


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