The NHS Supply Chain is supporting various healthcare organisations in the UK by providing end to end supply chain solutions. According to reports by the NHS Supply Chain, it can save up to 10% in product costs by moving to low cost suppliers, so different sectors can reduce their expenses.

The supply of healthcare products was handled by DHL, a reputable parcel delivery service provider. The role of DHL Express was to bring different parts of the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency and NHS Logistics Authority together. DHL has also shown an interest in the NHS Supply Chain’s IT system and infrastructure. This has created a total of new 800 jobs all across the eight distribution centres.

Nick Gerrard, chief operating officer at NHS Supply Chain said that they are offering the best procurement solution even during the tough economic times. He also said that a lot of money can be saved on more than 500,000 products which include baked beans, gloves and MRI scanners.

Improper administrative strategies and efforts can waste staff time and money which is used for ordering products from several suppliers. With NHS Supply Chain and DHL Express working together, now more than 1000 suppliers can be managed easily.

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