Parcel delivery services are companies that offer special delivery for your documents or items. Couriers usually boast of a faster service than the other available methods of transporting goods. Couriers play a very important role in our daily lives in transporting documents or items.

Major courier services – an insight
As of today, United Parcel Force (UPS) is the largest parcel delivery service in the world with more than 15m packages being delivered globally every day. Federal Express (FedEx) and DHL are some of the other major players in the courier sector. UPS was originally known as The American Messenger Company when formed in 1907 by John Casey. Over the years, it has grown tremendously to become the largest delivery service in the world.

International services offered by courier companies
Courier companies offer different types of services that include international delivery. Courier companies also offer import services with prices varying depending on the size of the parcel to be imported.

Various courier services offer cheap options to their clients but with little guarantee. The best option for a customer is to use third party services for posting their documents or parcels. These third party services offer the same guarantees that any major service would offer. They also add the option of door pickup wherein you can leave the item at your doorstep with a note attached. A tracking number is provided by these services so that you can know the whereabouts of your parcel and inform the person at the receiving end of an estimated time of arrival.

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