In a word YES! What’s more with courier services offering such competitive prices it’s possible to make some cash as well as some room!

The bike’s been sold – now what?

You’ll be pleased to know that with internet courier brokers you can arrange it all on-line. What’s more because a courier will collect from your house, you can even avoid the hassle of trying to get the bike to the Post Office. Now that’s a relief considering how awkward and heavy bikes can be.

If you want to post a bike, here’s some handy tips for sending them through a courier network:

1.  If possible remove the front wheel, handle bars and peddles from the main frame.

As well as making your bike easier to wrap, it will shorten the length of your package and make it easier to send through the network.

2. Make sure your bike is securely wrapped and protected for transit.

  • Wrap the frame, handle bars and peddles in bubble wrap to protect the paintwork against any small knocks or bumps during transit.
  • If you have dismantled the bike it’s a good idea to tape all the bits together as this will minimise the risk of parts going missing if your package comes loose in transit.
  • Package the bike in cardboard – or even better see if you can get an old bike box from a bike retailer.
  • Make sure the box is sturdy and robust and secure any openings with strong tape to prevent items being lost.
  • If you can get hold of some plastic taping to wrap around the box for extra security this is a good idea.

3.  Finally affix the address label to the bike securely

Now all you have to do is wait for the carrier and wish it well on its journey to a new home.
Don’t forget, you can log on to the website and track the parcel by entering the CMP number on the tracking page.



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