The explosion in eBay popularity in recent years has enabled entrepreneurs to sell products and make money with minimal risk. Imagine, no need for a physical retail space and the possibility to reduce the amount of stock held.

Instead just list your items and either “sell it now” or use the auction facility and watch the bids rise.

Then once you’ve made a sale, just post the item to your buyer. And here’s where courier middlemen really add value.

They save you time…

  1. Most courier middleman offers an on-line quoting tool. This lets you quickly check which courier offers the best rate meaning you don’t need to research each one individually.
  2. Benefit from the customer service features offered by middlemen like They can save you bags of valuable time by dealing with the courier on your behalf in the event of a problem.

They save you money…

  1. Courier middlemen are cheaper than going to the major couriers direct because you benefit from their bulk buying power.
  2. A courier middleman gives you maximum flexibility. You can chop and change between both couriers and delivery products meaning you always get the best rate. After all we understand the size and weight of your parcels will vary.

When you make your next eBay sale be sure to despatch your item via a courier service, and to guarantee you get the best deal remember to search for cheap parcel delivery with


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