When you are selling something there are a few things to consider. You need to choose a parcel delivery service, make sure you pack everything correctly and, of course, you need somewhere to sell it. In this post, we are going to help you with the latter with our list of best marketplace apps. Whether you are a business, an artist looking for a platform to find buyers for your art or are looking to sell your Pokémon card collection (or are looking to buy art or Pokémon cards) there is a marketplace for you.


With a huge user base, Amazon is one of the greatest marketplaces for businesses. Establishing a website of your own is great but it can take time to build a regular stream of visitors which is why many businesses opt to tap into Amazon. Combined with the option to use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and their over 100 million Amazon Prime members, selling on Amazon can be a goldmine for businesses.


The go-to marketplace for handmade items, Etsy is filled with all manner of handmade and vintage gifts as well as a plethora of craft supplies. People love handmade gifts and if that is your target market then Etsy could be the perfect place to sell your goods, and maybe pick up a few things too. Jewellery and accessories, art and collectables, and clothing are just some of the categories found on Etsy so whilst it is generally limited to vintage and handmade items there is still a lot of variety.


Founded in 1995, eBay is one of the most established and recognised online marketplaces. eBay facilitates both business to consumer and consumer to consumer purchases making it a great solution for buying or selling almost anything. The site doesn’t hide the fact you can buy almost anything on its platform either. Whilst with Etsy, for example, you’re largely limited to handmade gifts on eBay you’ll find categories like “motors” on its homepage alongside “beauty” and “fashion”. Whether you are selling dresses or car parts, eBay could be ideal for you.

Facebook Marketplace

When we think of Facebook, the word “marketplace” probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However, Facebook is becoming involved in an increasing number of things, a marketplace being the least weird of them. From cryptocurrency to dating, Facebook is constantly proposing new verticals which may or may not take off. One part of their business which has blown up, however, is Facebook Marketplace. Built into the Facebook app, Facebook Marketplace is a great way to reach potential customers. Available to merchants and individuals, it is used for everything from selling second-hand items and serving as an eCommerce storefront for businesses to advertising homes for sale.


Depop is a peer-to-peer fashion selling app focused on all things unique and vintage. On Depop you will find both big-name brands and smaller or lesser-known names all mixed in with a collection of up-cycled clothing from budding designers. Whether you accidentally bought the wrong size shirt or are looking to take your own fashion label to a new audience Depop may be the app for you, or as they put it “Sell a few items or build your empire”.

Whether you are making some money from your unwanted clothes or are a business looking to establish international parcel delivery this list has a marketplace for you. With apps like Facebook marketplace enabling you to easily share your unwanted goods and Amazon facilitating international fulfilment for large businesses, marketplace apps are shaping the modern selling experience.

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