When it comes to delivery dates of those all important purchases, sometimes the sooner is ultimately the better. Offering next day delivery options when you are an online business is key to securing customers who may otherwise head to a “real” shop to make a purchase that they require in a hurry.

In fact, a survey of UK consumers found that 46% of people stated that next day delivery is always their preferred speed. However, despite this knowledge it is thought that one in three of the UK’s online retailers do not provide this as an option for delivery to their customers.

During the survey, those people participating were asked about their own delivery expectations and preferences. They were asked to confirm, when offered a choice of click and collect, same day delivery or next day delivery, which they would select.

Only 18% of people stated that they would prefer click and collect and 21% wanted the item there and then with same day delivery. The rest looked to next day delivery for providing the best option for their needs.

What about cost? These people were also asked whether or not they would be prepared to pay any extra for a next day delivery option. 44% said they would not be happy to pay any extra costs for next day delivery and 42% put a limit of £5 on what they would find to be an acceptable delivery cost for the item to arrive the following day.

Experts in the field of successful ecommerce know the importance of providing a good delivery service when it comes to being successful in a virtual world. In fact it is recognised that the next 12 months will see delivery service as being a key comparison point by customers when choosing who to purchase their item from.

This is already visible amongst market leaders, with many of them offering increasingly late cut off times to book in next day delivery.

With these changes comes an increase in the expectations of customers and pressure on other retailers to follow in the same footsteps; creating a world whereby you can order at 10pm and still receive your item before 6pm the next day. A pretty good delivery timescale if you ask us.

If you need your item in a hurry; perhaps it is a last minute gift or that grab before you go holiday essential, then you will want to make sure that the courier of choice from your chosen store can provide you with the level of service that you are looking for.

With this in mind, if you are an ecommerce site looking to decide on the very best courier for your next day delivery needs then ensure that you take the time to research the options open to you.

Remember you will need a courier that you can not only trust to deliver the goods on time but each and every time too!

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