Do you ever feel like you have so much to do but so little time?

The trouble is, it’s often those little, but important jobs that appear on your to do list that take a long time to sort and can really interfere with the rest of the day.

Now if you have a Next Day parcel to post, stepping out (especially on one of these cold, winder days) can be a real inconvenience. Popping out always takes longer than you planned and the result is you get less done in your working day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could despatch that next day parcel without having to leave your home or office?

Well you can. You simply need to book a collection with a courier service.

It’s very easy to do. You can even do it online. Then once it’s booked, simply get your parcel ready for collection from the address that you specify and forget about it (well make sure you’re home when the courier arrives!)

The courier driver will collect from your door and give your parcel a unique barcode number. That way you can rest assured that your parcel isn’t heading into the abyss, but is traceable as it moves through the delivery network.

Then you can just carry on with your day. You’ll find a job, which could have taken you, a fair amount of time is over in minutes and you didn’t even need to leave the house.

What’s more, if you want to check in and see when your parcel was delivered, you can do that too. Simply check online using your unique barcode number and you’ll discover the information you require is available at the click of a mouse.


But how will it help you?


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