Courier services excel at getting your important item to its destination reliably and FAST – two very important considerations if you are posting for a business. After all you want to make the right customer impression where on time delivery can contribute to customer satisfaction and repeat orders.

Is that delivery by end of day – or before lunch?

Most couriers offer a Next Day delivery service which guarantees your parcel will arrive by close of business.

However you may have a tighter timescale. Maybe you have some time sensitive documents that need to be with a solicitor or other professional during the morning, or perhaps your recipient is popping out in the afternoon and needs their item by lunchtime.

Whatever the reason you will find a delivery product to suit your needs.

If close of business is not quick enough for you, upgrade to a premium Timed service. Timed products do cost a little extra but guarantee your parcel will be with the recipient by 10am on 12 noon (depending on your choice of product).

You get a quick delivery service with guarantees

What’s more because you are sending your item with a courier you also have the additional security of free tracking. Your parcel is sent with a unique tracking number meaning your can watch the progress of your parcel as it moves through the courier network. Tracking reduces the risk of your item going missing and also enables you to respond to customer enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Meaning timed delivery products could help you offer a better service to your customers.



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