If you have an important parcel to go, you can feel a little nervous about handing it over to a courier. After all, how can you guarantee that it will arrive safely at your intended destination?

Over the years, the courier market has worked really hard to increase consumer confidence. Here are just some of the ways that your chosen provider offers peace of mind:


When you post a parcel, you’ll likely receive an electronic barcode. This barcode is unique to your parcel. As well as making it easy for the sorting system to despatch your item, the barcode gives your parcel visibility as it moves through the network.

Now all couriers are different and the tracking scans available will vary from supplier to supplier. For example, you may be able to see when your parcel was scanned on and off vehicles. You may also be able to see when it arrived at the central sorting hub.

Delivery track

The same barcode will also be used to confirm delivery.

In fact, some couriers will even tell you the time that your item was received and who signed for it. So no more second-guessing, you can simply type in your barcode to check whether your parcel has been accepted by your intended recipient.


Finally, couriers also give you lots of options.

For example, you can choose your delivery specification to suit your budget and your delivery time window – it’s all about getting the service that’s just right for you.


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