If you have a parcel to go and you want to despatch it by next day courier, are you missing a trick?

While delivery quality is probably your top priority (after all, you want your parcel to arrive); I’m sure you also want to get the best possible service at the most competitive price.

So if that’s your goal, let me introduce a tip that can help you get the cheapest price, without compromising on quality.

Here goes…

Instead of going direct to the big name couriers (such as Yodel, Parcelforce Worldwide, and DHL) for a quote, cheat!

That’s right! There is a faster and more convenient way to find out who has the best deal. Simply visit a parcel booking agent (such as collectmyparcel.com) and use their free Quote and Book system.

You don’t want to waste time ringing around (let’s be honest, you have better things to do). So why not fast track your decision making by using this free service?

What’s more, time saving isn’t the only benefit…

You see, when you use a Quote and Book service, not only can you see (at a glance) which courier firm is cheapest, you may also find you get better rates than going direct.

Now I know this doesn’t seem logical, so let me explain…

Parcel-booking agents collect parcels on behalf of thousands of people. Because they despatch so many parcels into the courier network, they enjoy a bulk-buy discounted rate… and as a customer of your chosen booking agent, you too can benefit from these savings.

So next time you want to post a parcel don’t make a costly mistake. Instead, use a parcel booking agent and see how much money you could save.

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