It is possible to send fragile items by a courier service – but you’ll need to ensure that they are securely wrapped before being dispatched.

Also remember that writing “fragile” on the box isn’t sufficient.

That’s because although courier companies do handle parcels carefully – the way parcels move through the network means they are going to get bumped and knocked.

For example many couriers have automated sorting machines – and some like Parcelforce Worldwide have sizable national sorting hubs where parcels get shuffled around to ensure they are in the right place for onward dispatch. What’s more courier collection and delivery vans won’t keep a parcel in place.

So when sending something that needs a little extra protection try the following:

  1. Use a strong box that’s an appropriate size for your item. If the box is too large it could get crushed, and if it’s too small the box could burst open.
  2. Ensure the box is properly sealed. Parcel tape is the best choice as this is strong, durable and waterproof.
  3. Wrap the fragile item securely and thoroughly in bubble wrap and then fill the box with extra cushioning like loose fill chips. This will prevent your item moving around inside the box and minimise the risk of damage.

Remember you can’t guarantee 100% that your item won’t get damaged – but by taking steps to ensure the parcel is carefully packaged you can significantly reduce the risk.

Have a look at our Packaging Advice page for more information and guidance

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