Let’s be realistic. When you send a parcel by a courier service it’s going to get handled and moved around a lot. Whether that’s in the collection van, in a sorting hub or during parcel delivery. And whilst all courier services take care over your parcel, you do need to do your bit. So remember to pack your parcel so that the contents can withstand a small drop or the odd knock in transit.

To help ensure your parcel arrives at its destination in one piece here are six top tips for successful packing:

  1. Remember your parcel is going to be moved, turned, perhaps even transported upside down so bear this in mind when packing up your goods.
  2. Where possible pack your items up in a sturdy, undamaged box.
  3. Use cushioning such as bubble wrap or loose fill chips to reduce the amount of space the contents have to move around.
  4. Use parcel tape to secure your parcel. Poorly secured boxes are at risk of coming unstuck and getting lost in transit.
  5. Don’t overload your box as this could cause it to burst open. Similarly under filled boxes could get squashed or crushed which again could result in items becoming lost.
  6. Ensure your parcel is properly addressed and the writing is legible. This will help ensure your item is dispatched to the correct delivery depot, and is delivered to the correct recipient on time.

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