Packing your items safely before giving them to a courier company is very important. If the contents of your package are damaged due to improper packing, then no insurance you take out will pay for replacement items. Here are few tips to be followed when packaging your parcel.

Use the right containers

Proper sized containers should be used to pack your parcel. They should neither be too big nor too small. Your package should fit perfectly into the box, leaving some space to cushion your goods.

Cushion your package

Your parcel should be properly cushioned on all sides. Properly cushioned packages have little chance of being damaged. If the item is not cushioned, it may be damaged.

Cover your package

Your item should be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper tissue. This can protect your parcel from damage.

Proper storage

Ensure that your items are properly stored in the package. Solid items should be positioned between cardboard sheets, while liquids should be put in leak proof containers. Powders and semi-solid products should be sealed in plastic bags.

Packaging of boxes

Once the item is properly packed, the box in which the items are placed should be tightly sealed. If the tape comes off, unexpected damage or loss of goods can easily happen.

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