The speedy delivery of packages is greatly appreciated by customers but the most important concern is the condition of the package when delivered. It is necessary to pack items properly before you drop the package at the courier service company. It is worse when you find that instead of being delivered, your parcel is being sent back to you because you packed it incorrectly.

A few reminders when you pack a parcel

When the parcel is not packed correctly not only does it delay the delivery but you might also have to pay extra charges. To ensure that your parcel is delivered in one piece here is what you have to do.

Make sure you read the instructions given by the courier service regarding what you can send and what not. Make sure your item fits the bill.

The size of the package will entirely depend on the size of the product to be sent. You do not want your things falling out.

You need to wrap each item with bubble wrap. It is time consuming but provides good protection. For example, if there is any watch or torch to be sent then remove the batteries, put them in a small plastic zipper and keep it besides the item. When sending electrical items make sure the bolts and screws will not move away from their original position during transit.

Remember to tape the edges of the package. Seal the package with tape from top to bottom. It is advisable to use packing tape because is it strong enough to hold your package rather than the usual tape.

Make sure your package is able to carry the weight of the items in it. The items inside the package should not strike each otherwise they might get damaged. Inner packaging is a must for hard items.

Write the correct address, postal code and the recipient’s phone number on the package for exact and safe delivery.

Fill up all the necessary documents and the address label on the package should be easily readable.

Thanks to parcel delivery services, sending parcels have become much easier, the only thing you need to take care of is the packaging.

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